What kind of property do you buy?

We purchase all kinds of properties, regardless of its current condition or cost! Please don't burden yourself with doing any repairs. If any work needs to be performed, we will take care of it!

What will your service cost me?

There is no cost associated with speaking to us! We only gather your property's information for analytical purposes. Once we establish a date and time that works best for you, we will meet to inspect the property. Afterward, we will make you an offer. You can accept or reject the offer, but you will not have to spend a dime either way!

Am I under any obligation to sell my home if I fill out your Property Information Form?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We will review your information, touch bases with you, then make an offer to you. You can choose to accept or reject the offer, obligation free!

Is my information kept confidential?

Without a doubt! We pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of professionalism at all times, which entails protecting YOUR confidential information as well! We will protect your privacy at all costs.

If I know of another property your company may want to buy, do you pay a referral fee?

If we close on the property, yes! If you know someone that is interested in selling their property, refer them to us! If you see vacant, abandoned property, let us know! Provide us as much information as you can obtain, we will research, then make an offer if it is feasible. We will then pay you for the referral after closing on the property! Please contact us directly to discuss the terms.